Offering Today's Latest Hairstyles and Trends

Looking to experiment with new hair style trends this year? Your choices abound! There’s an absolute feast of looks to choose from. Update your hair style with one of these hot new hair style trends that dominate the hair scene this year.

Sweet Blue Lupine Natural Wonder

Fading of color is always a problem. Now with the new Reds and Hot new shades, fading is even more troublesome. Reds especially fade. We have discovered that Hydrolized Extract of the Sweet Blue Lupine plant has some anti- oxidant properties that help prevent fading up to 30%. The Color Trend in hair this winter is Warm to hot shades of red. Go for it. Get some Sweet Blue and have fun. 

The Great Sulfate Debate

   I have written, in the past about my ambivalence toward the great debate over sulfate free products as apposed to those containing sulfates. So I need to update my thinking on the subject. While I am still not a huge "Save the Earth," conservationist, I do have   some new thoughts on our products. I still do not believe we hairdressers are causing cancer and destroying the earth with our poisonous chemistry. I do believe in picking up after ourselves, cleaning up our messes, properly disposing of trash, making our beds and generally making our mothers proud. I believe this wonderful creation called earth needs to be respected and care must be taken.

I have learned in my research and testing products that sulfate free shampoos, ammonia free hair color, gluten free. paraben free, salt free, free from synthetic dyes etc.  beauty products simply work better. I have manufactured products myself with conventional old school chemistry and some have really been quite excellent but Green, Vegan products work better.

That's why we are going green and that's why we use Mastey, DermOrganics, and RevuCell products. Because they work better. Results are the deciding factor. People who know us know that if a product is used in our salon, it works and is best for you. You have my guarantee of that.

That's my story and I sticking to it. Thank you for your time.